1: The Snyder Boys

In episode 1, Brooks once again confuses creator names, while we freely admit that we’re not into the Spider-Verse.

Follow up:

We move on to review Plunder #1 and decide it’s okay if you want to skip this. It’s only a four-issue miniseries, so it’ll be easy to come back and knock it out if you’d like, but the first issue contained more shock value than substance.

We choose two #1s to read next week: Curb Stomp (Boom! Studios) and Mister X Razed (Dark Horse). In the final arc, we talk the upcoming Deadpool movie, as well as the Fight Club sequel that is coming to comics this year.

For your enjoyment, Damian Wayne met Superman on Wednesday.


0: The First One

In the inaugural episode, Alan and Brooks discuss their backgrounds in comic reading, why they started Too Many Comics and plans for the future of the site.

The two move on to break down this week’s #1 issue, and find one to read next week.

Some books discussed:

Towards the end, the two shift into movies and share their thoughts on the Marvel/Sony partnership and what that means for Spider-Man.