2: Will Hawkeye Ever End?

In this week’s episode, we praise Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick on their deal with Universal, but question Matt as to when his run on Hawkeye will ever end or if he even enjoys writing the title.

We discuss the current run of Hawkeye while adding All-New Hawkeye (by Jeff Lemire) to our new release list of next week. The theme sticks with Lemire, and the pronunciation of his last name, because we add a second book of his to the list — Descender, with Dustin Nguyen at Image.

Other topics of conversation:

  • An iTunes review hints at us dismissing the big two and we explain why that’s not the case
  • Curb Stomp #1 and Mister X: Razed #1 reviews
  • Why can’t superhero movies win any awards?